Paintball Gun Buying Guide

Most people starting to play paintball start out by renting paintball guns or paintball markers. Incidentally, the term paintball gun or paintball marker can be used interchangeably. Both terms mean the same thing. After playing a few times one quickly discovers that it won't take very long before you could have purchased your own paintball guns and equipment instead of throwing away your money renting. This article will help narrow the choices for your research.

The first thing we usually ask people is where are you going to play? Will you be playing on an organized field or will you be playing around your own land or a friends land in the woods? The answer to this question will guide you to certain models of guns due to the air supply. If you are going to play at an organized field, they will have resources for compressed air or CO2. The type of air you have access to, will lead you to choosing an applicable gun.

If your paintball gun choice is limited to using CO2 tanks, then you should stick with paintball guns that are happy using CO2. Care must be taken to choose paintball guns that are made to run on CO2. CO2 is a liquid gas and is damaging to paintball guns or paintball markers that are not made to handle the liquid. You could buy an expensive paintball gun and damage it beyond repair with just a few uses. We recommend sticking with good quality name brand paintball markers that are made to run on CO2.

There are many models of CO2 paintball guns. The main brand names are Spyder, Smart Parts and Tippmann paintball guns. You can choose electronic or non-electronic. Popular models of paintball guns are the Spyder Victor, Xtra, Sonic, Pilot, Electra, VS1, VS2, Smart Parts Vibe.

CO2 paintball guns with a military look are the Spyder MR1, MR2, MR3. Smart Parts has the SP1 model designed to run on CO2 and a military scenario look. New releases from Tippmann are the Tippmann Alpha Black Series. These paintball guns are packed with features at competitive prices. Tippmann also has its more rugged and upgradeable Platinum Series Custom 98, A5 and X7 paintball guns. They are all great brand names backed with good warranties.

We left the compressed air paintball guns until now because generally the compressed air markers are a little more expensive to a lot more expensive. Paintball guns range from the low $150's to close to $2000.00. This is often where the range and choices on the market confuse everyone. Simply stated, at this point it is about features, price points and you get what you pay for. You really have to determine what it is that you are looking for. Are you a recreational player, or are you playing competitively? There are several main features and so we will briefly explain some the popular features.

One of the basic decisions is if you want an electronic paintball marker or not? Then, an extension of this is what kind of electronic firing modes and speed of firing are important. Single shot, 3-shot burst, semi-automatic, and fully automatic are some firing modes that are popular. Like adding new clubs to your golf bag, each added feature will add cost. There are some great values out there, so do your research and you will find many of the same features at lower price points.

Maintenance of your paintball gun is also very important. Proper care, cleaning and lubrication is a must for all paintball markers. Does your paintball marker come with a squeegie for cleaning? Is it easy to access the internals for cleaning and lubrication? If ease of maintenance is a concern, we recommend the Smart Parts paintball guns along with the Tippmann 98 Cutsom Platinum Series. Both of these paintball gun models or series are very easy to maintain and clean. Don't be fearful of the maintenance on paintball guns. The manufacturer's websites are very helpful. There is a large amount of help videos on their sites or also on Youtube.

Paintball gun upgrades are the next question. Are you going to make a one time purchase for recreational play? Or are you going to be adding equipment as your skills improve. Frankly, it is fun and keeps the sport fresh to add new ways to improve your paintball gun. Do some research and see what upgrades are available for the particular model of paintball gun you are considering purchasing. The most upgradeable paintball marker is the Tippmann X7 with many replica looks and feel. You can change back and forth with this paintball gun. It won't be cheap but you won't get bored!

This article was the beginning of the fun involved in finding out what you really want and need. Decide on the air you have access to and match your style and type of play to the paintball guns you are interested in. Compare features and price ranges. Narrow in on your choices and finally buy a paintball gun and take out your friend or enemy in style!


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