Paintball Guns To Accessories: Essential Equipment The Beginner Needs

Every year in the United States, five million people play paintball, and that number has been growing steadily over the past decade. What has so many people engaged in this sport? Combine the joy of a game of hide and seek with an old west shootout and you have a good idea of the sport's widespread appeal. Casual games are almost like a family camping outing, and a competitive game is a great bonding experience as well. The best part of starting your journey into this entertaining sport is that the essential gear required is minimal, making the activity much more accessible than most other sports.

Safety First With Paintball Goggles

The first piece of gear you need to purchase is a set of paintball goggles, also called a mask. Goggles are absolutely required to play; your first priority always has to be safety. While the sport is considered extremely safe, with fewer injuries per year than most sports including football, paintball goggles will ensure your safety in every case. Like the name says, they cover the eyes, but they also cover the nose, mouth, and ears. The lenses are made of heavy duty, resilient polycarbonate polymer that will withstand a pellet while maximizing individual comfort.

Your Marker

After you have your paintball goggles, the next purchase is a marker. The paintball guns, called markers, come in every possible design and at every skill level for each type of player. If you have a little extra cash to spend, you can have replica modern, WWII, or antique styled paintball guns. For a beginner, you should find a marker package that includes paintball guns, the CO2 cartridge, a hopper to hold your balls, and the cleaning equipment to keep your gun working. Just purchase a case of pellets when you want to play, and your marker is ready to go.

Dress For Success

The paint from playing will easily wash out of clothing with warm water and soap; it is only food coloring and gelatin or vegetable oil. With any outdoor activity, a change of socks and shoes is always a good idea. A sound purchase would also be a paintball vest. The specifically designed vests offer great storage pockets for spare CO2 cartridges, extra balls, water bottles, and a cleaning rod to un-jam a marker, and it will keep your keys and wallet clean and safe. When you start playing regularly, a vest is a great investment.

A Place To Play

The sport is so accessible that it does not require a specialized field to play in, but there are professionally designed and maintained venues. Woodsball is a term used to describe playing in the great outdoors and is how people typically are introduced to the sport. The professional fields can be played on indoors during inclement weather, and also includes referees to help maintain a safe playing environment. Even out in the woods, goggles and their rigorous, continuous use will also result in a safe game. No matter where you play, gather up your friends and family, and game on!


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